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Genesis Featured

Guide: How to install Genesis addon on Kodi?

If you get Kodi on any of your HTPC devices and take a look at its capabilities, you will quickly realize that installing Kodi is only the first step. You need addons that provide … [Read More...]

Install Kodiconfig Featured

Guide: How to install Kodi Configurator on Android

Some days ago we spoke to you about a nice app for Android by the name of Kodi Configurator, that helps you hook up your Android-based Kodi HTPC with the best options and tons of … [Read More...]

Ubuntu Home Server on VirtualBox VM

How to run a Ubuntu home server on VirtualBox VM?

Don't have an extra PC laying around, no problem, just run a Ubuntu home server on VirtualBox VM. I have been pumping out VirtualBox tutorials over the last two months. Some have … [Read More...]

install ubuntu server on virtualbox ft

How to install Ubuntu Server on VirtualBox?

This post, which is a part of my VirtualBox series, shows how to install Ubuntu Server on VirtualBox. I have already shown you how to install Virtual Box on Ubuntu and Windows … [Read More...]

Install Yatse  Featured

Guide: How to install Yatse, the XBMC/Kodi Remote?

In order to offer you a complete picture on the most popular remote control apps for Android, we have told you about Kore, the official Kodi remote and Yatse, the XBMC/Kodi Remote. … [Read More...]

VirtualBox Share USB Drive

How to access USB Drive in VirtualBox guest OS?

Some times, you may wish to access USB drive in VirtualBox guest OS. If so, you are in luck. VirtualBox shared USB devices are quite easy to setup. We are going assume that you … [Read More...]

Kodi Configurator Featured

Kodi Configurator: Set up your Kodi HTPC automatically

One of the biggest challenges in setting up your HTPC is the fact that there are many options available to configure it, making it easy to get confused if you don't know how to … [Read More...]


Install VirtualBox Extension Pack on Linux and Windows

If you want even more features on VirtualBox than what Guest Additions offers then you will have to install VirtualBox Extension Pack. We have already showed you how to install … [Read More...]