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How to properly uninstall Sickbeard on Ubuntu Linux?

We have extensively covered how to install Sick Beard on various platforms but how do you properly uninstall SickBeard on Ubuntu system? This is a question that has been asked a … [Read More...]


Flixtor, a Popcorn Time alternative that offers some new features

If you are a torrent fan, chances are that you might have heard about Popcorn Time (PT), a Torrent stream player that allows playing Movies and TV Shows for free over bittorrent … [Read More...]

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Meet Vero media player, the new flagship device for OSMC

The age of the mini XBMC media players is here and Vero media player running OSMC could give others the run for their money. It may be a new entrant but it comes with the strengths … [Read More...]

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Get notified of Dognzb,, and OMGWTFNZBs invite availability

Getting a Dognzb,, or OMGWTFNZBs invite can be a wild goose chase because the invites taken up in a matter of moments. Many of you may not even know where to find these … [Read More...]

Chromecast vs Apple TV

Chromecast vs Apple TV – Which is worth your money?

At first glance, this topic of Chromecast vs Apple TV seems straightforward. Android users tend to be drawn toward Chromecast while iPhone users look into Apple TV. It's actually a … [Read More...]


Xbian 1.0 RC3 brings XBMC 13.2, RPi B+ support, and more

Xbian was once my go-to media center among the 4 media center operating systems I played with. But things have since changed, Xbian, which once stood out has sort of fallen behind … [Read More...]

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3 Best Raspberry Pi Alternatives in 2014

The Raspberry Pi microcomputer has become a bit of a phenomenon among tech enthusiasts. It comes in at a very reasonable $35 - which makes it easily affordable for almost all … [Read More...]

Best Raspberry Pi Wifi Adapters 2014

5 Best Raspberry Pi Wifi adapters for you media center

Raspberry Pi Wifi adapters can help reduce clutter and help bring content to your XBMC (nka Kodi Entertainment Center) wirelessly. As we have previously written, there are 4 … [Read More...]