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Enhance your Router with a DD-WRT Firmware Upgrade

In this post I’m going to take you through the steps involved in performing a DD-WRT Firmware Upgrade on a typical Home Router. I’ll describe the process which I went through … [Read More...]

spmc semper media center ft

SPMC is a Custom XBMC or Kodi Alternative for Android

Users of Kodi app which was formerly known XBMC has been raving about this media player application that acts as an entertainment hub. If you have not gotten a chance to download … [Read More...]


How to properly uninstall SickRage on Ubuntu Linux?

We have covered how to install SickRage but how do you properly uninstall SickRage on Ubuntu system? This is a question that has been asked a few times and so here is the guide. … [Read More...]

voyo mini pc ft

VOYO mini PC could be a compact and silent media PC

VOYO Mini PC could be a portable Home Theatre PC that seamlessly connects to your TV and hooks you up to the world of online entertainment: movies, TV shows, on demand sports … [Read More...]

Kodi MySQL Setup - Share Kodi Library

Kodi MySQL setup for sharing media library

Kodi MySQL setup allows you to share your media library, its meta data, and watched status, with other Kodi / XBMC boxes in your network. This allows you to pause on one device and … [Read More...]

Rasple install

How to install RasPlex on Raspberry Pi 1 and 2?

Installing RasPlex on Raspberry Pi is a relatively simple process. This article will outline how to install RasPlex ( in a few easy steps. RasPlex is an open source and … [Read More...]

CouchPotato vs SickBeard, SickRage, or NzbDrone

CouchPotato vs SickBeard, SickRage, or Sonarr for beginners

This post is a basic comparison of CouchPotato vs SickBeard or similar TV Show PVR software such as SickRage and Sonarr, for beginners. A lot of newbies who hear these words can be … [Read More...]


A budget HTPC-NAS Combo with an old PC and OpenELEC

I have some kind of Kodi client in my living room, and also in every bedroom of my house, mostly running with OpenELEC. My kids have been enjoying this wonderful service in their … [Read More...]