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Kodi and Plex

Combine the best of Kodi and Plex with PleXBMC Addon

Recently I compared the benefits of both Kodi and Plex and teased that you can start using Plex with Kodi together to enjoy the benefits of both applications. Doing so brings the … [Read More...]

LVM Simple explination

Advanced LVM HowTo – Move, re-size, and snapshot

This LVM HowTo is a continuation of my earlier post on setting up a basic LVM pool. So if you are reading this we will assume you already have a LVM setup. The most common function … [Read More...]

LVM Simple explination

Setup LVM and pool hard drives in Ubuntu or Kodibuntu

Have you ever run out of space on your media center? Of course. We all use Sickbeard, Sonarr, and/or Couchpotato. And if your at all like me you add 20 movies at a time until your … [Read More...]


Maraschino frontend: a free HTPC web interface

If you are looking for a free and open-source alternative that acts as a simple web interface for your XBMC/Kodi HTPC, providing you with a nice overview or front page, from which … [Read More...]

Intel NUC SSD.

5 reasons to use INTEL NUC as your HTPC or Media Center

The INTEL devices identified as NUC, which stands for Next Unit of Computing, are simple, bare bone computers with some key features that make them an excellent alternative to … [Read More...]

OpenELEC vs OSMC Comparison

OpenELEC vs OSMC for Raspberry Pi 2 Media Center

This post is a comparison of OpenELEC vs OSMC on the newly released Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Many of you may be familiar with our previous comparison of Xbian, OpenELEC, and … [Read More...]


Too many web interfaces? Try HTPC Manager!

As we delve deeper into the interesting world of Home Theater PCs and take advantage of the many applications available, to enjoy our favorite content in the most comfortable ways, … [Read More...]


Video: Raspberry Pi OSMC Installation on Windows

Recently, we showed you how to install OSMC on Raspberry Pi. This video shows Raspberry Pi OSMC installation on Windows. OSMC is the new and improved Raspbmc for Raspberry Pi and … [Read More...]