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Kodi Security Cam Overlay Demo

Kodi security cam using Xeoma Video Surveillance software

Ever wanted to know who was at the door before you miss the best part? Using the Xeoma Video Surveillance Software and a custom Kodi  Entertainment Center Plugin you can see an … [Read More...]

Stop Amazon Fire TV from auto updating

How to block Fire TV updates (unrooted)?

What can you do to ensure your custom mods continue to work - block Fire TV updates. The primary reason to disable Fire TV auto updates is to ensure that your rooted Amazon Fire TV … [Read More...]


5 Best Android media players in 2015 for less than $100

Since their humble and unassuming beginning in 2000 as media boxes that could stream music to your TV for a not-so-low price, Android media players have come a long way. … [Read More...]

rasplex performance

Speed up RasPlex on Raspberry Pi: 4 performance tweaks

So now that you have RasPlex installed on your Raspberry Pi, you can now try these performance tweaks to speed up RasPlex and make it function a bit smoother. These tweaks are … [Read More...]

AtoMiC ToolKit from

AtoMiC ToolKit – Automate your Media Center

We are glad to launch AtoMiC ToolKit, a set of bash scripts that will automate installation of home server, NAS, and HTPC related software on Ubuntu Linux and its variants. You may … [Read More...]


PIPO X7S Mini PC can dual boot Windows 8.1 & Android 4.4

Pipo X7 has finally been upgraded to Pipo X7S to offer dual boot capabilities. This tiny PC can now run Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 operating systems. This smart box is cheap, … [Read More...]

Amber Skin for XBMC on Raspberry Pi

5 Best Kodi skins in 2015 to enhance your media center

In this post, we present the 5 best Kodi skins in 2015 for a stunning media center. Let us face it one of the biggest benefits of having an amazing skin is showing off and … [Read More...]

banana pro ft

Banana Pro is an energy efficient Home Server or HTPC option

Raspberry Pi has been the hallmark of single board credit card sized computers for a few years now. But more options have started arrive in the recent times. Previously, we … [Read More...]