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Automatic WordPress backup to Google Drive

I regularly backup my WordPress files and the MySQL database on my internal network. While this is safe, what about emergencies where I lose my server and my backup drive? This though drove me to come up with a online WordPress backup solution. One of the first online storage service that struck my mind was Google Drive, which offer 5 GB of free storage. This is plenty for my applications. In this post, I explain how to setup automatic WordPress backup to Google Drive.

Before we begin, create a Google Drive Account. If you already have a google account, then just visit http://google.com/drive and click “Try Google Drive”.

WordPress Backup to Google Drive
Try Google Drive

Step 1: Install Google Drive for WordPress Plugin

The Google Drive for WordPress plugin can make backups of your WordPress files and Mysql DB to Google Drive. Backups are ‘zip’ archives created locally and uploaded to a folder of your choosing on Google Drive.

Google Drive for WordPress
Google Drive for WordPress

Step 2: Configure Google Drive for WordPress Plugin

Activate the plugin. Then go to “Configure Google” option from your dashboard to see the following settings page:

WP Google Drive Menu
WP Google Drive Menu

There are few things from this page you will have to use. So keep this window open and proceed to next next step.

Step 3: Signup for Google API Console and Create a Client ID and Secret

The Client ID and Secret allows applications to access your Google account and services. Visit Google API Console. If this is your first time visiting Google API Console, you may have to “Accept” the Terms of Service to proceed further. If you have not already created a project, you will have to create one. All you have to do is click on “Create Project”.

Google APIs - Create Project
Google APIs – Create Project

After creating a project you will have to create a OAuth Client ID. All you have to do is click the “Create OAuth 2.0 client ID” button.

Create an OAuth Client ID
Create an OAuth Client ID

In the window that opens up, provide the branding information. Optionally, you may also provide the URL to your logo. Click “Next”.

Client ID Branding Information
Client ID Branding Information

Continue to next page to complete setting up WordPress backup to Google Drive.

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