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10 Best Kodi kids addons – Cartoons, TV, and more

Building our 20 best Kodi addons list, we now present 10 best Kodi Kids addons in 2015. You have already set up your HTPC using XBMC/Kodi, and you’re ready to watch the latest shows and movies on your big screen. You kick your shoes off, and relax on your couch, flipping through your content using an appropriate remote control device. But then, as you are watching, one of the little ones from the household comes near, and says they want to watch cartoons.

10 Best Kodi Kids Addons

Now, if you hadn’t read this post (or if you stop reading it) you might be ill equipped to comply with the demands of your daughter, son, sibling or any other kid that inhabits your household, but fear not! We present to you 10 of the best addons for XBMC/Kodi you can find, not only to provide them appropriate content for their ages, but also to restrict inappropriate content and make Kodi a safe environment for them to explore and let out their natural curiosity. Let’s dig in and find out how these Kodi kids addons can help you.

1. Cartoon HD

best kids addonsThis is one of the best Kodi kids addons, mainly because it provides tons of content appropriate for children, and there are almost no bad links or streams that do not work properly. When you select a movie or TV show you get linked directly to the source you want to stream from, and the show or movie is delivered to your HTPC right away. This addon has been praised by many sources as being very reliable and having tons of choices for kids. You can find this Kodi Cartoon HD addon within the XFinity XBMC/Kodi plugin repository.

2. PopcornFlix KIDS

Best Kodi Kids Addons 2015This addon is a TV-on-demand plugin that enables you to watch movies and TV shows from a wide selection of children-targeted content. Installation is very easy from the SuperRepo XBMC/Kodi plugin repository, however this addon seems to work only for certain versions of Kodi, like Frodo and Gotham. This might change in the future, in order for it to be compatible with the newer versions of Kodi, Helix and Isengard, and thus we might soon be able to enjoy its variety of TV shows and movies for kids, no matter what version of Kodi we use. Despite of that, it is praised as one of the best kids addons for XBMC/Kodi.

3. Super Cartoons

Super Cartoons LogoWithin the SuperRepo XBMC/Kodi plugin repository, you will be able to find this cartoons addon for Kodi. Super Cartoons will allow your little one to watch cartoons online. This addon has an advantage that puts it on the group of the best kids addons, and it is that content is organized by categories like Most Popular, Most Recent, Characters (which allows you to select a particular cartoon character by name and then play episodes where it appears), and it also has a search function, which allows you to type a search term and then have a list with content related to your query. If this isn’t enough, you have the option of playing a random episode. You know, just in case you get bored of being able to select exactly what you want your kid to watch at any given moment.

4. PBS Kids

PBS Kids LogoThis is one of the kodi addons for kids that enables you to watch content on demand, in this case, from the variety of shows hosted by PBS Kids. With this addon, you can find a wide selection of clips and full shows of series with educational and entertainment value. The clips are, on average, 3 minutes long, and the full episodes are about 20 or 30 minutes long, depending on the content you watch. With this addon it might take you a bit longer to find unbroken links, but once you do, the content plays flawlessly and in crystal-clear quality. You can find this addon within the Squidiums XBMC/Kodi plugin repository.

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5. Kiddie Cartoons

Kiddie Cartoons LogoThis cartoons addon for Kodi is part of the MetalKettle repository, and I found it to be quite fast and responsive for content, with total absence of buffering and/or delays in the video, which makes it one of the best kids addon for this application. Perhaps this stems from the fact that, upon installation, the plugin asked for a YouTube addon to be installed, so I assume it is more like a collection of links towards YouTube videos with episodes for kid shows. Nevertheless, the variety of content is quite impressive. For this addon, most of the shows seemed to be directed at kids of early ages and even toddlers, which are different than those for more grown-up kids, however, if you want to be sure of the content in this addon, you could give it a try and see if it fits your needs.

6. Kids Place

Kids Place LogoThe idea behind this addon is awesome, in the sense that it aims to bring together several sources of entertainment for kids, and in its initial phase, it was designed to provide access to five different TV-on-demand channels: Hubworld, Kidmango, Nick Jr., Zui and Storylineonline. It makes this addon one of the best kids addons for XBMC/Kodi if you can get it to work properly. I have only been able to test Nick Jr. and the amount of shows for that online channel is decently sized. You can get this addon from the Kodi/XBMC official repository.

7. Cartoons8

Cartoons8LogoThis cartoons addon for Kodi also boasts an impressive content selection, which you can browse by genre, as well as watching the newest additions and the top ones. It has a search function, and this comes in handy to browse its massive library, which encompasses several genres, including anime episodes. The wide variety of content you can find within this plugin makes it worthy of being included in the group of best kids addons for this platform. This plugin is obtainable from the MetalKettle repository.

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8. SesameStreet.com

SesameStreetLogoThe SuperRepo XBMC/Kodi plugin repository also can be used to get this addon. It enables your kid to watch clips and full Sesame Street episodes. The content is organized by recent videos, characters and topics, so you can always find the specific video you want to play. Sesame Street is actually available within other Kodi kids addons as well, so you might be better off installing an addon that is not limited only to this show, but also has other kinds of content; however, it is worth mentioning.

9. Universal Parental Controls

UniversalParentalControlsLogoKids are curious by nature and if you give them a piece of technology as colorful as an XBMC/Kodi HTPC with tons of addons, specially Kodi addons for kids, they will start poking with the remote at all the icons and applications they can find. It is important to keep them safe from content that is not appropriate for them, and you can do so with this addon. This is one of the best kids addons for Kodi because you can configure a PIN to prevent kids from watching content they are not supposed to. The addon has a very comprehensive help and is easy to configure if you read it. You can find this addon by using the Fusion Addon Installer.

10. Sprout

SproutLogoFrom the Kodi/XBMC official repository, you can find this addon, which is advertised in its description as a 24-hour preschool channel that parents and kids can watch together. It has classic content from TV series for kids, as well as original series that are worth checking out. This is one of the Kodi addons for kids that is especially suited for children of early ages. The content is very well organized, and divided by show names. 
As you can see, there are many Kodi kids addons you can use on Kodi for PC or for many other operating systems, which can provide your kids with good content appropriate for their ages. All addons for Kodi are useful one way or another in providing you with quality content, but when it comes to keeping the kids entertained, you must ensure that the content meets certain standards and guidelines. All it takes is having the time to set it up, the willingness to try, and of course, a young little person in the household who can enjoy these shows and movies (or feeling young and little enough to watch them yourself!). Bear in mind though, that you are responsible of providing the kids in your household with safe access and steering them clear from questionable content, and in this case, the best parental controls are the ones that you, as a grown up person, can provide by supervising their use of applications. And with these Kodi kids addons, you ensure a fun and responsible entertainment for everyone, according to their age.

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