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10 best Kodi Live TV addons in 2015 for your HTPC

One of the aspects of setting up an HTPC for your living room that is, perhaps, the most important and fun of them, is to actually get content that allows you to truly enjoy the advantages of this technology. If you consider, or want to consider yourself a true cordcutter, and you actually don’t want to miss out on the information and amusement that live TV can bring you, then you will need a way to watch live TV on your HTPC. If you are a Kodi user, no matter if you use Kodi for Windows on a windows capable unit like an Intel NUC, or if you would rather prefer Kodi for Android and are the enthusiastic owner of an Android TV box, you have a way to bring live TV to your HTPC, through the clever use of Kodi live TV addons. [Read: Guide: How to install Kodi Configurator on Android]

Now, you might be interested on choosing the best Kodi IPTV addon, however, there is a large number of them out there. Some are marvelous, while some others are truly horrible. In this post, I want to offer you some kind of guide for you to know what to expect on 10 of the most popular Kodi IPTV addons. If you want to browse more lists of this kind, in order to get a feel of the best addons overall for your HTPC, I invite you to take a look at our 20 best Kodi addons list, and also at our 10 best Kodi addons for kids list, so you -and your little ones- will have an assortment of neat options to check out. Checking out these options will be easier with a wireless HTPC keyboard that you can connect to your HTPC for maximum comfort and features.

Some addons may contain pirated content. Consider using legal Kodi addons or a VPN ($5.52/mo).

What are the 10 best Kodi Live TV addons?

Here are some of the Kodi Live TV addons that you will find most appealing, because of their content, their quality, or a combination of these factors. These Kodi Live TV Addons are presented in no particular order, so be sure to look through all the list for something that’s interesting for you.

1. IPTV Stalker

Best IPTV Addons IPTV StalkerThis addon has a great choice of channels organized by topics, such as science, music, cinema, entertainment, and even adult channels and VoD. You can find this addon within the MetalKettle repository. Though this addon is neatly organized and offers lots of content, at the moment of writing this note it is not working. Nevertheless, you should give it a try anyways to see if it works for you, and you can use IPTV Stalker to bring IPTV for Kodi XBMC to your HTPC.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix Install IPTV on Kodi

You can find this addon with the Fusion Installer or install it from SuperRepo. This addon has quite a sizeable list of custom channels with lots of varied content, such as UK, USA and Canada TV channels, sports, workout videos, and more. In particular, there’s a subchannel on this addon, under the name Crusader88, where you can check out International TV stations from more than 80 countries, which makes this addon a great choice for IPTV for Kodi XBMC. If you want to know how to install this addon, please take a look at our guide to install Phoenix addon on XBMC/Kodi.

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3. VDubt25

Kodi Live TV Addons Vdubt25Loaded with channels about topics like news, documentaries and live sports, this is one of the Kodi Live TV addons that offer a way to get live TV channels on your HTPC. You can install this addon from the Xfinity XBMC/Kodi plugin repository. Within VDubt25 you will be able to find live stream channels that are dedicated 24/7 to one show in particular. The list of these channels is decently sized, so you will surely be able to find something in here that appeals to you.

4. USTV Now

Best IPTV Addons USTV NowThis addon requests an username and password from you. By signing up on their website, and setting your credentials within the addon, you can enjoy their free plan, which includes 6 channels from the US, such as PBS, FOX, ABC and others. They offer a paid plan as well, which increases the number of channels you can enjoy with this addon, up to 28. USTV Now is available from the Fusion Installer.

5. Zeus Video

Live TV on Kodi Zeus VideoWith a great selection of live channels, TV on demand, shows 24/7 and other streams, Zeus Video is a great option to spice up the content within your HTPC. This Kodi IPTV addon is neat because it features a colorful interface full of big buttons with logos, which makes it easier to navigate and see what content you want to play. This addon is part of the Zeus Repository.

Some addons may contain pirated content. Consider using legal Kodi addons or a VPN ($5.52/mo).

6. FilmOn.TV

Kodi Live TV Addons FilmOnFilmOn is a service that brings you more than 600 channels, including original content and other channels from around the world. You can install this very useful addon to access those streams from the Kinkins Repository, to bring IPTV for Kodi XBMC to your HTPC. There is a great selection of content including classic shows, documentaries, music, fashion and shows for kids. You get channels from the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Latin America, and many other locations with this Kodi IPTV addon as well.

7. Navi-X

Live TV on Kodi Navi XThe older an addon is, the greater its community of supporters. This is not always true, but in this case, fortunately, it is. The Navi-X addon has lots of non-working links, but also lots of working and fully functional ones. For easy navigation, there’s a category within, that lets you take a look at the most viewed content from the past 24 hours, making it easier to find the latest streams. You can find this Kodi IPTV addon by using the SuperRepo plugin repository. [Read: How to Install SuperRepo on Kodi for easy addon installation?]

8. Veetle

Kodi Live TV Addons VeetleWith this Kodi IPTV addon you can have access to flash-enabled streams made by other users around the world. When you take a look at what this addon has to offer, you find out there are channels with movies about specific topics, animated shows, movies, and other cool things. You will find the content organized by categories, or by schedule; however, for a clearer browsing I would recommend the category view. This is one of the Kodi Live TV addons that you can find within the Fusion Installer.

Some addons may contain pirated content. Consider using legal Kodi addons or a VPN ($5.52/mo).

9. Cliq!

Best Kodi IPTV CliqAnother addon where you can appreciate streaming lists some users have submitted. This addon is advertised as to being updated daily, which is always a good thing on Kodi Live TV addons. In it you will find various streams, organized by topic, such as kid shows, sports and live TV. The amount of content and the fact that it’s maintained by a community of people make it worth checking out. This addon is part of Blazetamer’s Repository.

10. PseudoTV

Kodi Live TV Addons Pseudo TVThis addon doesn’t really bring IPTV for Kodi XBMC to your HTPC; it rather acts as a way to organize some of your channels with a clean interface. PseudoTV enables you to enjoy an interface and channel switching similar to that you find on cable TV. With minimal setup, you can browse through your favorite channels just pressing few buttons, perhaps pairing it with an app such as Kore or Yatse. This addon is part of the Lunatixz Repository.

So that’s it! We hope this list helps you a little bit if you are still unsure what addons to get, in order to configure your HTPC with good Kodi Live TV addons. These are some of the most popular picks, because they offer cool content and good quality in general. There’s always a dead link here and there, but overall, these could be considered the best Kodi Live TV addons to help you cut the cord once and for all.

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