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10 of the Best XBMC Addons in 2014

The beauty of XBMC is its ability to expand through the use of addons. Depending on what you are into there will always be a plugin which will help expand the feature set of your HTPC. These plugins enable you to build a real media powerhouse right in your living room with access to games, sports, music and Internet video. Without further ado let’s get on with the list of the best XBMC addons.

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Free Cable XBMC AddonFree Cable

Watching video content from US TV networks has never been easier thanks to this XBMC video plugin. Free Cable is one of the best XBMC addons for watching American video content with streams from FX, CBS and NBC to name a few. This plugin is available from the Superrepo XBMC plugins repository. [Read: 10 Tweaks to improve XBMC performance]

SportsDevil XBMC AddonSportsDevil

If you are a sports fan then this is the addon for you. Boasting a wide variety of sports types and streaming sites you can easily watch content which is not originally broadcasted in your country. We have featured this addon before in our watch ESPN online for free post which explains how this is one of the best XBMC addons for accessing ESPN.

TuneIn Radio XBMC AddonTuneIn Radio

One of the most popular XBMC addons which allows access to thousands of radio stations from around the world using your XBMC media box. Searching for specific radio shows along with the ability to download them are just some of the features offered by this addon. [Read: How to Listen to Google Music on XBMC?]

XBMCFlix Netflix XBMC AddonNetflixbmc

Netflix is probably the biggest video streaming service available today. Its ease of use and cross-platform compatibility makes Netflixbmc one of the best XBMC addons for accessing content from Netflix. The Silverlight DRM is averted by using Chrome Launcher for video playback. [Read: Play Amazon Prime Videos on XBMC in Ubuntu]

Rom Collection Browser XBMC AddonRom Collection Browser

For all you retro gamers out there this is the addon for you. This piece of software opens up your rom collection and allows you to play games on your XBMC machine with little to no set up. The only extra set up this addon needs is a folder containing all of your roms and related emulators. [Read: 5 Best XBMC skins]

NaviX XBMC AddonNaviX

This app streams content from a wide variety of user-generated links straight to your XBMC media center. This should be the first place to start when looking for Internet video due to the enormous choice provided. Playlists are fully customisable with users being able to change backgrounds, logos and icons. [Read: 7 Raspberry Pi accessories to build a XBMC media center]

YouTube XBMC AddonYoutube

No collection of the best XBMC addons would be complete without the world’s biggest video website, Youtube. Everyone knows what Youtube is and this addon makes access quick and easy, direct from XBMC. This addon offers several awesome features including Video thumbnail browsing for a more pleasant user experience. [Read: 15 XBMC keyboard shortcuts you should know]

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  5. U2C Android TV Box - $95.99

1Channel XBMC Addon1Channel

The most reliable source for new movies and TV shows with the list being updated on a regular basis. This plugin has been around forever making it a firm favorite among XBMC users, unfortunately access is blocked in the UK. [Read: Strategies to fix XBMC buffering issues]

Spotify Spotimc XBMC AddonSpotimc

This addon brings Spotify straight to your XBMC media center. Spotimc allows full browsing and searching for your favorite music. Be warned though this addon is still in the early stages of development, so expect a few bugs and issues along the way. [Read: The Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi OpenELEC Media Center Setup]

Muzu.tv XBMC AddonMuzu.tv

Great for watching music videos with a jukebox function which plays songs based on a set genre. Searching for your favorite songs has never been easier, making this one of the best XBMC addons for music lovers. Choose from a huge selection of music videos available at muzu.tv.[Read: 5 Must have Android apps for HTPC or Home Server control]

Installing the XBMC SuperRepo

Most of the best XBMC addons are available on SuperRepo, which is highly recommended if you have a XBMC box. The following steps will take you through how to install the XBMC SuperRepo on your media center using only a keyboard. [Read: How to Install SuperRepo on Kodi for easy addon installation?]

  • Once you have started XBMC navigate to the “system” menu and open the file manager.
  • Select “Add Source” on the left panel of the screen.
  • Click on the textbox with says “None” to open up the keyboard entry.
  • Type the url http://srp.nu and click done.
  • Enter a name for the media source in the textbox below.
  • The repo will now be added to your file manager.
  • Go to “System” and then “Addons”.
  • Click “Install from Zip”.
  • Locate the relevant repository for your XBMC version.
  • This should now be added to your “Get Add Ons” screen.

Thanks for reading my guide on the best XBMC addons 2014. I recommend giving this XBMC plugins list a try to see for yourself how you can expand your media experience with XBMC. Thanks to the huge community behind XBMC, as well as these top 10 XBMC Add-Ons there are plenty more available to try in the SuperRepo mentioned above.

If you know of any other best XBMC addons let me know in the comments below or alternatively follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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