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Setup Chinavision Remote for Kodi and Harmony Remote

I have described how I setup my Ubuntu-XBMC based HTPC in several of my previous posts:


I bought the Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse for PC as a cheap IR remote / receiver to control my HTPC. It sells for about $7 on Amazon. This USB remote works out of the box on Ubuntu and provides basic out of the box control for XBMC operation. On Windows, it provides much more features.

Unlike other MCE remotes available for a higher price, which work well with lirc, this remote is recognized by Ubuntu as keyboard and mouse and not as a remote control. Upon doing lsusb the device is identified as “Chaplet Systems, Inc”.

Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse for PC

$ lsusb
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 074a:2230 Chaplet Systems, Inc.

Many people suggest investing in a good MCE remote that works well with lirc. But at this point this is what I have and so I set out trying to configuring it as close to my needs as possible. “Setup Chinavasion IR receiver with Harmony 300i” is a blog post that served a key reference in my attempt.

First create the “keymaps” folder under ~/.xbmc/userdata if not already present. If it is already present then move all files within the folder to a safe location. Then create the file “keymap.xml” within the keymaps folder.

cd ~/.xbmc/userdata
mkdir keymaps
cd keymaps
nano keymap.xml

Copy and paste the following contents to the keymap.xml:

	<key id="389185">ActivateWindow(home)</key> <!--Green-->
	<key id="389188">Close</key> <!--Yellow/Exit-->
	<key id="61619">Play</key> <!--Play/Play-->
	<key id="61618">Stop</key> <!--Stop/Stop-->
	<key id="61448">PreviousMenu</key> <!--Backspace/Prev-->

	<key id="389186">XBMC.CleanLibrary(video)</key> <!--Red-->
	<key id="389187">XBMC.UpdateLibrary(video)</key> <!--Blue-->
	<key id="61467">ActivateWindow(settings)</key> <!--ESC/Menu-->	
	<key id="323597">ActivateWindow(systeminfo)</key> <!--FullScreen/Info-->

<!--**************VIDEO LIBRARY**************-->
	<key id="389187">ToggleWatched</key> <!--Blue-->
	<key id="61467">ContextMenu</key> <!--ESC/Menu-->
	<key id="61473">PageUp</key> <!--PageUp/Channel Up-->
	<key id="61474">PageDown</key> <!--PageDown/Channel Down-->

<!--**************MUSIC LIBRARY**************-->
	<key id="61467">ContextMenu</key> <!--ESC/Menu-->
	<key id="61473">PageUp</key> <!--PageUp/ChapterUp-->
	<key id="61474">PageDown</key> <!--PageDown/ChapterDown-->

<!--**************FULLSCREEN VIDEO**************-->
	<key id="61467">OSD</key> <!--ESC/Menu-->
	<key id="61473">SubtitleDelayPlus</key> <!--PageUp/Channel Up-->
	<key id="61474">SubtitleDelayMinus</key> <!--PageDown/Channel Down-->
	<key id="61617">SmallStepBack</key> <!--Track Left/Previous Track-->
	<key id="61616">SmallStepBack</key> <!--Track Right/Next Track-->
	<key id="323597">CodecInfo</key> <!--FullScreen/Info-->

	<key id="61467">ActivateWindow(musicosd)</key> <!--Esc/Menu-->
	<key id="389188">XBMC.RunScript(script.cu.lyrics)</key> <!--Yellow/Exit-->

	<key id="61473">ZoomIn</key> <!--PageUp/Channel Up-->
	<key id="61474">ZoomOut</key> <!--PageDown/Channel Down-->
	<key id="323597">ActivateWindow(pictureinfo)</key> <!--FullScreen/Info-->

<!--**************END KEYMAP**************-->

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