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HTPC News Roundup 2017 Wk 47: Net Neutrality scrapped, Black Friday VPN and OSMC deals, and more

Welcome to the htpcBeginner HTPC News Roundup 2017 Wk 47. This week saw Kodi v18 features, Black Friday VPN and OSMC deals, and more. Read on for the latest in HTPC news and updates!

htpcBeginner Recap

In case you missed them, here is a recap of all our interesting articles published last week:

Best Plex Client Devices

  1. NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro Home Media Server - $299.99 editors pick
  2. Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player - $89.99
  3. Roku Premiere+ 4K UHD - $83.99
  4. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit - $69.99
  5. Xbox One 500 GB Console - $264.99

HTPC News Around the Web

Kodi v18: Android Leanback suggestions, search and voice typing

Kodi v18 is poised to release. With it comes a slew of enhancements, including Android leanback suggestions, as well as voice search and typing. It’s interesting to see how Kodi will integrate into operating systems it runs on such as Android TV. Though v18 is in development, it’s available to download at the moment.

Google wipes 786 pirate sites from search results

Torrent fans, beware. Google and a smattering Russian search engines purges 786 pirate websites from search results. As TorrentFreak reports, these search engines removed entire domains. It’s a rather controversial act, even if those domains are pirate sites. However, 2017 is ripe with excellent torrent sties, and private torrent websites.

Tivo wins one of its patent fights with Comcast

Comcast and Tivo were entangled in a patent battle. Recently, the International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that the COmcast X1 set-top box violated two Tivo patents. This is a huge win for Tivo, and a major loss for Comcast. With more cable cutting and on-demand watching, Tivo has declined. As such, much of its profit derives from licensing and accordingly winning this patent war affords more profit to Tivo.

More people are binge-watching Netflix at work

Top Android Movie Apps
Netflix Android App

Netflix and chill, Netflix and…work? Yep, that’s right, Netflix is binged all the time. And not merely at home in sweatpants. As data from Quartz reveals, 26% of survey respondents admitted to binge watching Netflix at work. 7% replied that they have watched Netflix in a public restroom. We here at htpcBeginner do not judge. The trend is clear: streaming services such as DirecTV Now, PS Vue, and Sling TV make streaming all the more feasible for end users.

FCC: Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and scrap net neutrality rules

Bad news for Stateside folks: FCC Chairman Pai revealed that he will reverse the Obama administrations’ regulations. So what does that mean? Well, primarily, and unfortunately, net neutrality rules are poised to be revoked. Essentially, this transforms the Internet into the wild wild west.

Did you find any interesting news stories or projects from around the HTPC space? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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