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Install Transmission with web interface on Ubuntu

In the example settings.json shown in previous page, note that I changed all the ports to non-default ports for security reasons. For further security you may want to allow web interface access only within your local network. If so, change “rpc-whitelist” value to “,192.168.*,*”.

Save the settings and exit. You will now have to reload transmission-daemon to apply the new settings.

sudo service transmission-daemon reload

Do not forget to setup port forwarding on your router to divert Transmission traffic to the right computer running Transmission daemon on your home network (if you are behind a router).

Transmission Web Interface Screenshot
Transmission Web Interface Screenshot
Transmission GTK Desktop Interface
Transmission GTK Desktop Interface

If you do decide to install the Desktop GTK interface, then most of the settings, including enabling web interface, can be set from within the gui interface (pictures below):

Transmission Download Folders Settings
Transmission Download Folders Settings
Transmission Web Client Settings
Transmission Web Client Settings

If you like to be able control your deluge daemon through android phone, refer to this post.

Step 7: Apache proxy for Transmission Web Interface (optional)

To access the web interfaces using port numbers (eg. http://myserver.com:9091) is cumbersome. When possible, I like to create proxies for easier access (eg. http://myserver.com/transmission). If you are interested in setting up this please refer to this post.

If you SSL is enabled on your server you could redirect Transmission web interface to a secure HTTPS connection, thereby all information is encrypted during transfers. Below is an example of /etc/apache2/mods-available/proxy.conf on a LAMP server:

ProxyRequests Off
<proxy *>
     AddDefaultCharset off
     Order Allow,Deny
     Allow from all
ProxyPass /transmission http://localhost:9025/transmission
ProxyPassReverse /transmission http://localhost:9025/transmission
Redirect permanent /trans https://myserver.com/transmission/web/

Don’t forget to enter the correct port number. The last line is optional (to redirect to a secure HTTPS connection), and automatically redirects http://myserver.com/trans to https://myserver.com/transmission/web (you have to have SSL enabled on your server).

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Step 8: Setting up Dynamic DNS (optional)

If you would like to be able to access your Transmission web interface from the internet then it might be easier to setup Dynamic DNS service. This way you can reach your server with a nice URL (example: http://mytransmission.dyndns.org) instead of the http://ipaddress:port. You can get free domain names through services like DynDns.com. For a guide to setup DDNS autoupdate client on Linux, refer to this post.

That is it. Enjoy your transmission and do share your experiences in the comments section.

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