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SABnzbd 1.0.0 Released: Installation and Upgrade

SABnzbd is a free and open source newsgrabber that makes Usenet as simple and streamlined as possible by automating almost all tasks. It is a must-have companion for media center enthusiasts for apps such as CouchPotato to download movies and Sick Beard to download TV shows. This post introduces the recently released SABnzbd 1.0.0. This release is the SABnzbd version 0.8.0 renamed, in order for SABnzbd to finally start using a common release numbering method. The version 1.0.0 is a major release, so when upgrading to it, you will need to rebuild your queue and review your configuration.

SABnzbd 1.0.0
SABnzbd 1.0.0

What’s New in SABnzbd 1.0.0?

SABnzbd 1.0.0 brings the following changes and improvements:

SABnzbd 1.0.0 (Mar-15-2016)


  • Full Unicode support with Chinese and Russian translations
  • New default UI: Glitter
  • Server priorities instead of primary/backup ==> REVIEW YOUR SERVER SETTINGS!
  • Newsserver IPv6 load balancing aka Happy Eyeballs / RFC 6555
  • Duplicate detection for series
  • More filters in RSS
  • 7zip support
  • Option to save repair time by downloading all par2 files
  • Support for long paths in Windows (above 260)
  • Improved security for external access
  • Lots of small improvements and bug fixes
  • Redesign of notifications classes
  • More notification services supported
  • Diagnostic dashboard tab for “Status” page
  • Bonjour/ZeroConfig support


  • Breaking change in API: speed-limit is now either a percentage or an absolute number
  • [**] 0-100 or anything with a ‘%’ is a percentage
  • [**] Absolute numbers no longer have an implicit “k”
  • [**] Check third-party tools that set a speed for SABnzbd
  • SABnzbd’s webserver now doesn’t listen to IPv6 addresses by default.
  • [**] Use Config->Special->ipv6_hosting if you want this enabled.
  • [**] “localhost” will be replaced with ““, check any browser bookmark and third-party tool
  • Classic skin has been removed
  • Support extra parameters for par2 on other platforms than Windows
  • Option to verify HTTPS connections (default off)
  • Auto-negotiates best Usenet ssl protocol (override possible)
  • When upgrading from 0.7.x, a backup server will get priority 1

See the known issues in SABnzbd 1.0.0.

You can check the official announcement for SABnzbd 1.0.0 release here.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

Ubuntu Installation
Windows Installation
SABnzbd Configuration

Upgrade Instructions

Before upgrading from version 0.7.20 be sure to read this. If you followed our installation guide for Ubuntu, then you can upgrade to SABnzbd 1.0.0 using the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

On Windows, just download the latest .exe from here and install it as you would setup any program on Windows.

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