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SABnzbd 1.0.0RC: Installation and Upgrade

SABnzbd is a free and open source newsgrabber that makes Usenet as simple and streamlined as possible by automating almost all tasks. It is a must-have companion for media center enthusiasts for apps such as CouchPotato to download movies and Sick Beard to download TV shows. This post introduces the recently released SABnzbd 1.0.0 RC releases RC1 to RC4.

SABnzbd 1.0.0RC
SABnzbd 1.0.0RC

What’s New in SABnzbd 1.0.0RC?

SABnzbd 1.0.0RC brings the following changes and improvements, depending on the RC we are looking at:

SABnzbd 1.0.0RC4 (Mar-05-2016)


  • FIXES: SABnzbd’s webserver now doesn’t listen to IPv6 addresses by default. Use Config->Special->ipv6_hosting if you want this enabled.

SABnzbd 1.0.0RC3 (Mar-04-2016)

  • SABnzbd’s webserver now doesn’t listen to IPv6 addresses by default. Use Config->Special->ipv6_hosting if you want this enabled.
  • The Windows installer failed to detect an already running version.
  • Glitter: cosmetic fixes.

SABnzbd 1.0.0RC2 (Feb-25-2016)

  • Changing server priorities during a download could lead to unexpected results and lockups
  • Made Glitter friendly for reverse proxies
  • Config->Main shows more diagnostic info
  • Default host to test IPv6 is now self-test.sabnzbd.org

SABnzbd 1.0.0RC1 (Feb-03-2016)

  • Bump version from 0.8.0RC1 to 1.0.0RC1
  • Fixed “disk-full” notification
  • Glitter: several small problems fixed
  • OSX: fixed error message that comes when job with accented characters completes
  • Fixed diskspeed meter (in Glitter)

See the known issues in SABnzbd 1.0.0RC.

You can check the most recent RC announcement for SABnzbd here.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

Ubuntu Installation
Windows Installation
SABnzbd Configuration

Upgrade Instructions

Before upgrading from version 0.7.20 be sure to read this. If you followed our installation guide for Ubuntu, then you can upgrade to SABnzbd 1.0.0 once it’s released using the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

On Windows, just download the latest .exe from here when it’s released and install it as you would setup any program on Windows.

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