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Complete guide to stream NFL games live in 2017

While cable and satellite subscriptions once reigned supreme, streaming has taken over as the medium of choice. With options such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video, it’s increasingly feasible to cut the cord. But for sports, that’s often difficult. Here’s a comprehensive guide to stream NFL games live in 2017! [Read: Complete guide to stream college football live in 2017]

Where to watch NFL games

stream NFL games live - Fly Eagles Fly


NFL games, like college football matches, play on a variety of stations. Fox and CBS host the majority of Sunday games. But Sunday Night Football is always on NBC. Then Monday Night Football falls on either ABC or ESPN. [Read: 9 best websites to watch college football online for free in 2017]

  • Fox: Sunday afternoon games
  • CBS: Sunday afternoon games
  • NBC: Sunday Night Football
  • ABC: Monday Night Football
  • ESPN: Monday Night Football
  • NFL Network: Shows select Thursday and Saturday games

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OTA options for watching NFL games

stream NFL games live - OTA options

Because Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC are all available over-the-air (OTA), an OTA antenna such as a Mohu leaf will suffice. Additionally, there are means to access OTA channels via streaming sources. The USTVNow service offers an easy method to stream NFL games live in 2017. [Read: How to stream college football on Kodi – 2017 streaming guide]

OTT options to watch NFL games online in 2017

PlayStation™Vue on PS4 - stream NFL games live
PlayStation™Vue on PS4

While many games are broadcast over the air, certain matches require over-the-top (OTT) services. Using these, it’s possible to watch NFL games online in 2017. Moreover, market heavily determines which games you’re able to watch with an OTA antenna. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan (fly Eagles fly) living in North Carolina, if the Panthers and Eagles are both playing games at 1 PM, the Panthers game will air locally instead of the Eagles match.

As such OTT options allow wider access to games.

  • DirecTV Now: For watching NFL games online, DirecTV Now includes ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, FS1, and FS2. In some regions, you’ll find Fox, ABC, and NBC for local games. [Read: Intro to cord cutting: DirecTV Now review]
  • fuboTV: This is a streaming service for sports fans. Unfortunately, there’s no access to ESPN and its affiliates. Still, you’ll find Fox, NBC, and CBS. As so many NFL games fall on these stations, it’s a best pick. Plus, you’ll find NFL Network, and NFL RedZone is available as an addon.
  • Sling TV: This is one of our favorite cord cutting services. Sling TV’s Orange lineup boasts ESPN and ESPN 2. Its Blue lineup includes NFL Network for Thursday night games, and in some markets NBC and Fox. Your best off getting both Orange and Blue, then adding on the Sports pack for NFL Red Zone. [Read: Intro to cord cutting: Sling TV review]
  • PlayStation Vue: PS Vue is a top choice among streaming services. Where available, you’ll find local CBS, Fox, and NBC broadcasts. Plus, there’s NFL Network, ESPN, and ESPN 2. The Core package adds ESPNews and NFL Network along with ESPN U. [Read: Intro to cord cutting: PlayStation Vue review]
  • Hulu live TV: In addition to its live TV service, Hulu with Live TV includes its on-demand Hulu pack. That automatically makes Hulu live TV one of the best choices for watching NFL games online. You’ll find local channels ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS where available. Moreover, Hulu live TV features ESPN, FLx SPorts, and CBS Sports. Unfortunately, there’s no NFL RedZone or NFL Network.
  • YouTube TV: For watching NFL games online in 2017, YouTube TV is a top pick. That’s because of its access to broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. Yet it’s not available in many markets, but once it’s rolled out completely YouTube TV will be a go-to for watching NFL games online.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket streaming: Though NFL Sunday Ticket is a DirecTV package, there’s a streaming version as well. As the name suggests, this offers NFL Sunday games. There’s a slight catch, however. It’s only available for those unable to use DirecTV services. So university students and those in condominiums or apartments may qualify. The other downside: its pricing. You can get Sunday Ticket To Go for around $70 a month, and NFL Sunday Ticket Max for roughly $95 a month. That’s quite a lot for just a few months.
  • CBS All Access: Though CBS is freely available OTA, its streaming service All Access is a paid option. Granted, it does include many perks like exclusive shows. On CBS All Access, you’ll find live Thursday and Sunday night games.
  • Amazon Prime: In 2016, Twitter hosted 10 NFL games streaming online. For 2017, that moves to Amazon Prime. You’ll find Thursday night games on Amazon Prime, and even a Christmas day game. This is a solid choice as it affords all of the Prime perks including its free shipping and streaming benefits.
  • NFL GamePass: Clocking in at $100 for the season, NFL Game Pass allows you to watch all regular season games including live, out of market preseason matches. You can even watch past games. But regular season games are only available as replays. Therefore, by the time you’re watching it the game is finished.
  • Verizon: If you subscribe to Verizon wireless, you’re in luck For 2017, Verizon offers free NFL Mobile services. Not every game comes standard, however, it’s a solid choice for watching national and local games including Sunday, Monday, and Thursday games from CBS and Fox. But for NFL Red Zone, that’s an extra $2/month.

How to stream NFL games live in 2017: Final thoughts

For cord cutters, it’s pretty easy to stream NFL games live in 2017. An OTA antenna presents an easy, affordable way to access tons of NFL games. With various hardware and software, you can even connect your OTA antenna to a computer for live streaming with an antenna. OTT services are also excellent, though sorting out where to watch local channels is a bit daunting. Still, these are spectacular sources to watch NFL games online.

Because it’s often difficult to find a streaming service with all of the local broadcast channels in your market, you may consider a set up with a paid streaming service and an OTA antenna. That way you can watch NFL games online in 2017 through varRegardless of whether or not you get NFL Network through a different provider, Amazon Prime is a great subscription and worth the price for the free and fast shipping alone.

Your turn: How do you plan to stream NFL games live in 2017?

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