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Complete Stremio Review and Usage: Different from Kodi and Plex

There’s no shortage of streaming options available. From Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and even free services such as Crackle, you can likely find almost anything you’re seeking. Stremio doesn’t aim to alleviate your subscriptions, but rather bolster the HTPC experience, and you’ll learn why later in this Stremio review along with Stremio usage.

As a service, Stremio is comprised of three main features: Streaming, search, and libraries. These are further diversified, for instance streaming offers links to external sites, real-time torrent streaming, and live TV. The comprehensive search function operates a bit like the beefy Roku search, aggregating content and telling you where to watch a particular title.

Stremio Usage: How to use Stremio?

Upon first launching Stremio after installation (guide to follow), you’re prompted to create an account. Accounts are used to store your Library (more on that later) and save settings online, but if you may use log in with a Guest account. Just remember that Guest account’s settings and Library are stored locally, not online. Once your account is created, Stremio presents the Discover page. Here you have movies, TV shows, YouTube, and TV channels you can explore already.

The Login Window
You can login with your Facebook account, create a new account or use the Guest account.
The Sign Up Window
To sign up, just provide email and password and click the Sign up button.
Stremio Review: The Start Page
The Start Page: simply start browsing!

Media Streaming using Stremio

Playback within Stremio is pretty intuitive. Simply select the film or show you want to watch and click the play button. Source selections include premium pay services (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play) as well as free sites like Crackle. Selecting a title shows the source as well as pricing info for both high definition and standard definition if available.

There’s also a real-time torrent streaming feature similar to that of the late Popcorn Time. We found playback smooth, with no stuttering or lag. However, this is contingent on your network. A little caching is required, so make sure you have enough disc space left for the media. [Read: Flixtor, a Popcorn Time alternative that offers some new features]

Playback Source Selection for "007 - Spectre"
Source Selection: select an available source and enjoy!
Playback Loading Screen
Loading Screen: once the logo is full, playback starts automatically.
Ongoing Playback
Playback is smooth and have no issues, though skipping can make some weird artifacts pop up the screen.

Once playback begins, there are some nice features on the screen. You can view your network status, select an audio channel (if available), a subtitle, stream to your network (DLNA sharing to a mobile device, Chromecast, or Apple TV), or tell your friends what you are watching via social media. [Read: The Ultimate Guide to Compile and Install MiniDLNA on Ubuntu]

Network Status popup
Network Status: hover the triangle icon to check your streaming status.
Subtitles Selector
Subtitles Selector: OpenSubtitles and YTS APIs provide subtitles for your stream.
Share what you watch with your friends!
Share: post what you are watching to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter or send it by Email.

Alternately, you can drag-and-drop torrent files, local media files, and even paste magnet links on the search bar. Stremio lets you play or stream with the click of a button. While we could easily play local media files (mkv, mp4, etc.), these don’t seem to save in the Stremio library. However, Stremio is a perfectly capable media center for playback.

How to use Stremio?.
Magnet link paste or torrent file drop: select what you want to see and where.

The Stremio Library

The Library allows you to keep track of movies, series, and even channels you regularly watch. Visit “Discover” to find a movie, show, or channel, and simply click the “Add to Library” icon. [Read: Kodi MySQL setup for sharing media library]

Movies Library window
Library: keep track of what you watch!

You can also use the search bar to look for films, TV shows, and channels. Selecting an item displays a sidebar that presents a synopsis, cast, and other details. At the bottom, three big buttons should appear: “Trailer” (may not be available), “Add to Library” and “Show Movie/Series.” To add to library, click the button with this label.

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