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Watch Indian TV Channels Online: Sling TV vs YuppTV

Recently, I had to figure out what the best way was to watch Indian TV channels online. More specifically, I wanted to stream Tamil TV channels on Amazon Fire TV. As many of you may know, I am a cord-cutter. My mom is visiting me for a few months and I had to figure out how to watch Tamil channels in USA. I am sure there are traditional methods of subscribing to Indian TV through cable or dish companies. But getting the Tamil TV channels I wanted (mainly, Sun TV and Vijay TV) was very difficult, let alone expensive. While researching I stumbled upon YuppTV and Sling TV. YuppTV was cheaper. But, I have used Sling TV before and I was happy with the service. Not much information was available on these two services to stream Indian TV. So I did some testing and in this post, I am summarizing a comparison of Sling TV vs YuppTV to watch Tamil TV channels. [Read: 5 Websites to watch College Football online for free]

Watch Indian TV Channels

Last year, when my parents visited me I was looking for a service to stream Tamil channels on Kodi on Raspberry Pi. I tried Watch Sun TV service, which offered a Kodi addon. It worked, but many times the live stream would just stop and I had to find another server. It was challenging for my less tech savvy parents to use it without frustration. This year, my situation is slightly different in that I wanted to stream Indian TV on Amazon Fire TV and not OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi. I shortlisted two services: Sling TV or YuppTV. Both had Android and Fire TV apps. Hopefully what I found helps others in making a decision. While this post is focused on Tamil TV channels, I think that my findings would apply to Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and other languages too. [Read: 10 Best Amazon Fire TV apps for media streamers]

watch indian tv channels online sling tv vs yupptv

1. Indian TV Languages

As stated before I was looking to stream live Tamil channels such as Sun TV and Vijay TV. However, if you are looking for other languages you are in luck. Both YuppTV and Sling TV offer packages for various language as listed below:

Sling TV: Hindi, Bangla, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, and Telugu.
YuppTV: Hindi, Bangla, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Oriya, Gujarati, and Sinhala.

YuppTV vs Sling TV offers packages in 3 more Desi languages. This may be of importance for some people. For me, both Sling TV and YuppTV offered Tamil Live TV packages with both Sun TV and Vijay TV, although prices were different.

Winner: YuppTV – More languages

2. Trial Period

Both YuppTV and SlingTV offer trial periods. Therefore, you can test both out before choosing one. However, there are some difference in the trial offers. Sling TV offers 7 days of trial. To get started, you will have to create an account and provide a credit card. After 7 days your credit card will be automatically charged for the package you chose.

Sling TV vs YuppTV
Sling TV Trial Period

At the time of writing this article, YuppTV free trial period was 14 days. Sign up was easy through the YuppTV App on Amazon Fire TV or Android Device. YuppTV compared to Sling TV required only email, password, and phone number to activate a trial. No credit card was required, which in my opinion is a big plus.

YuppTV Trial Period
YuppTV Trial Period

Winner: YuppTV – Longer trial period, easy sign up, and no credit card required.

3. Tamil Channels Packages

YuppTV offers 5 packages of Tamil language TV channels: Diamond, Platinum, Silver, Gold Star, and Gold. In addition, combo-packages with Hindi, Telugu, and Sinhala are also available. Going into details of what channels are in each package is beyond the scope of this post. All package information can be found on YuppTV’s website. I chose the lowest costing package that had both Sun TV and Vijay TV. This was the Diamond Package ($23 per month, $75 per 6-months, and $160 per year).

Exclusive Offer: 6-month service of YuppTV at 60% discount ($74.99 only). Plus, get a $15 Amazon eGift Card. Use this YuppTV Offer Link or use code HTPCBEGIN at checkout.

Sling TV vs YuppTV offers more than 5 packages, including, Tamil, Tamil Super, Tamil Mega, Tamil Jaya, and Tamil Gold. For me to get Sun TV and Vijay TV through Sling TV, I had to choose Tamil Gold for $40 per month. Both Sling TV and YuppTV seem to offer Sun TV in US local time. In addition, YuppTV also offered Sun TV in Indian time.

Winner: YuppTV (slight edge) – Both offer several packages but Yupp TV has Sun TV live in USA time and Indian time (this was important for my situation).

Best Media Player Sticks / Dongles

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick- $39.99 editors pick
  2. Roku Streaming Stick (3600R) - $49.00
  3. Intel Compute Stick CS125 Computer with Intel Atom x5 - $129.99
  4. RBSCH MK808B PRO Smart TV Android 5.1 Amlogic S905 Quad Core - $32.99
  5. NEXBOX 809VI Android 5.1 TV Stick Rockchip 8-Core - $69.69

4. Signup Process

Signing up for Sling TV or YuppTV through the web was a simple process. I did have site errors while accessing YuppTV website on Google Chrome. As explained above, signing up for Yupp TV through website required no credit card while Sling TV required a credit card. One could also sign up for both services through their respective apps.

Sling TV signup through the app was lengthy compared to YuppTV. There were 4 pages of information that were needed (see picture below), along with billing information.

Sling TV Signup Through App
Sling TV Signup Through App

On the other hand, YuppTV required only email, password, and phone number. I did have to confirm my phone number through a text, which was painless. To subscribe to a package after trial, you will have to provide billing information.

YuppTV Signup Through App
YuppTV Signup Through App

Winner: YuppTV – Simple sign up process and no credit card required.

Exclusive Offer: I chose YuppTV for $74.99 / 6-months. Use this YuppTV Offer Link to signup and get $15 Amazon eGift card.

5. Cost

Cost is one of the most important factors. Like I stated above, I wanted the lowest costing Tamil TV streaming package that included Sun TV and Vijay TV. While Sling TV does include Tamil package for as low as $15 per month, to get Sun TV and Vijay TV I had to sign up for Tamil Gold package for $40 per month.

Sling TV Subscription Costs
Sling TV Subscription Costs

On YuppTV, the Diamond package offered Sun TV and Vijay TV among several other Tamil TV channels. Monthly subscription was $23 per month but I got the 60% discounted 6-month package for $75. At only $12.5 per month this was cheaper than even the yearly package.

YuppTV Subscription Costs
YuppTV Subscription Costs

Winner: YuppTV – much cheaper than Sling TV for what I wanted.

6. Hidden Costs

Sling TV compared to YuppTV was definitely better when it came to hidden costs. With Sling, the final cost was subscription cost + tax. That is it (see picture below).

Sling TV Hidden Costs
Sling TV Hidden Costs

YuppTV on the other hand, threw quite a few things at me. First, when I added the 6-month Diamond package, it automatically added Hindi Addon and YuppFlix for extra cost, as shown in the picture below. I did not choose or want these extras. If you don’t uncheck these, you will be charged extra. It can be quite difficult to reach YuppTV customer service to get this back or cancel the extras. So watch out.

YuppTV Hidden Costs - Addon Packages
YuppTV Hidden Costs – Addon Packages

In addition, YuppTV added $10 for account activation and $10 per device activation, both of which were not listed anywhere. So another $20 that I did not expect to spend. In the end the 6-month package came to $95.

YuppTV Hidden Costs - Device Activation
YuppTV Hidden Costs – Device Activation

Winner Sling TV – Straightforward, no activation charges, and no deceptive practices.

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